R u sure? — Anonymous


What's Beas tumblr? — Anonymous


where are you? i miss your posts hahaha :( — Anonymous

aww I guess I should have said something… I’m taking a break for personal reasons. I may be back at some point. thanks for understanding I appreciate the message :)

why…why is your blog so perfect — dresslikebeamiller

you’re perfect

Just to let you know, i visit your blog every day. I love fifth harmony (i was there sinds lylas) and yeah i like to keep up with them and i'm a normal blog so.. I do this like since july or something haha, so thank you for being awesome, i mean it. Your blog is really badass. And the tags too hahaha. Bye :) — Anonymous

thank you so much this means a lot i really appreciate it


The girls with a fan



and i was like "i like your shirt."